Design of a Two-seat Lounge Sofa

Client: Cinevital, Biel
Location: Delémont, Switzerland
Date: 2015

A_Sphinx responds to the need for flexible, lightweight lounge furniture, which can fulfill a wide variety of functions. Conceived of as a hybrid – a double seat with a backrest for only one person – this two-seater can stand alone in the middle of room, being attractive from all four sides. Based on the non-periodic Sphinx tessellation pattern, the geometry of the sofa allows for an infinite range of combinations: primarily as individual units, in pairs, or in groups of six to create generous forms. The paired arrangement options (in identical or mirrored units) are particularly well suited to adapt to any type of space or event.

Originally developed for the Cinemont multiplex cinema in Delémont, the sofa is designed as a compact monochromatic form, hovering slightly above the floor. The seat cushion and backrest are part of the same geometrical matrix and are wrapped with the same upholstery. The Cinemont prototype used dark blue synthetic leather; however, the sofa is available in a large palette of finishes, from natural leather to virtually any type of fabric.

Project Partners:
– Meierpartner Architekten, Wetzikon
– Girsberger, Bützberg

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