Bank Coop

Concept for the Interior Restyling and Future Branch Design

Client: Bank Coop
Location: Switzerland, 32 Locations
Date: 2016

Cash transactions are increasingly carried out digitally. The physical bank branch is beginning to distance itself from counter services and is instead becoming a place of consultation and an interface to the digital bank. With an inviting lounge and a wider array of services, a visit to the bank should become an experience, linking the customer to the bank. Similar to air miles programs, this concierge-style concept could be developed into different classes.

The front desk is the physical representation of the concierge concept. The customer is welcomed, briefly advised, and served. This self-service desk works with a limited offer (coffee, water, juices, pastries, etc.) as a space of encounter for customers and advisors. The goal is to entice customers to enter the branch, even without an appointment.

As a central design element, the desk is conceived of as an attractive, multifunctional piece of furniture that can be serviced by just a few employees. It communicates the bank concept and establishes a clear new look with customers. Three modular prefabricated desk sizes (S, M, L) are planned for the bank’s 32 branches. Technology is integrated discreetly, remaining present without standing in the foreground; built-in screens allow for easy consultation in multiple locations. The color and material palettes enhance the neutral existing space with character and identity. Relatively simple means, such as paint, carpets, furniture, plants, and branding, provide a fresh, contemporary atmosphere that clearly establishes the new identity in each bank branch.

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