Kiosk Building and Landscaping, Competition

Client: City of Zurich
Location: Mythenquai, Zurich
Date: 2010

With its sandy beach, grand tree cover and meandering meadows, the Strandbad Mythenquai offers an atmosphere unmatched along Lake Zurich. The development of a new restaurant offers not only the opportunity to improve infrastructure, but to use the building as an ecological engine for the entire complex as well. Planned as an intelligent roof floating over the both enclosed areas as well as over ample exterior seating, the building draws wonderful lake views into the interior. The roof itself is perforated to allow for views to the sky, its slender columns giving it a feeling of lightness. The south facing portions of the roof are fitted with photovoltaic panels, while membranes over the skylights actively block solar gain in the summer months.

The building’s flowing form has been carefully designed to guide pedestrians along a new lakeside promenade and to shade patrons from the midday sun. Yet its silhouette was also optimized to generate electricity year-round, tracing the shadows of existing trees. The new kiosk is constructed from prefabricated wood panels. Highly efficient and made from renewable resources, the ribbed construction also references the elegant wood structures historically built along the lake.

Project Partners:
– Buro Happold, Berlin
– LA21 Landschaftarchitekten, Berlin

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