Crest House

Single-Family House

Client: Private
Location: Ormone, Valais
Date: 2006 – 2007

Set on a hillside with breathtaking views of the Alps, and surrounded by rows of wine grapes, the Crest House offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the region’s traditional houses. Appearing to be formed from one of the fractured boulders behind the house, the design elevates the main living level, giving it panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling glazing. On this level, the residents enjoy the main living areas and the master suite, while the lower entrance level contains bedrooms for their children, a small spa area, and separate offices for their consultancy business. On a terraced mezzanine level, a rear retaining wall carves a private terrace out of the stone outcropping.

The Crest House’s form is derived from the iconography of its pitched-roof neighbors, yet it uses the roof’s slope to carefully control views and privacy. At one end, the corner of the house peels back to grant diagonal views to the imposing mountains to the southwest. In the master suite, the roof descends to shield the bedroom from street-side views, while opening up to more private views of the hillside. Furthermore, a three-dimensional roof structure over the main living areas ensures large column-free spans and highlights the open hearth. Throughout, wood paneling blends with stone finishes to create a contemporary yet timeless atmosphere.

Project Partner:
– Atelier Jordan, Zurich

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