Mixed-use Development with Industrial Carpentry Shop and Office Headquarters,
Two-stage Competition, 2nd Prize
with Enzmann Fischer Architekten, Zurich

Client: Baltensperger AG and 3-Plan Haustechnik AG, Winterthur
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
Date: 2014

With its majestic plane trees, the Frauenfelderstrasse constitutes an important main access road, the “Gateway to the East”, in the city of Winterthur. The site sits on the border between town and countryside. By placing the prominent office building, “Crown”, as an anchor on the eastern end of the plot, the site gains an urban character. The polygonal shape of the structure creates a striking front façade and leads toward the shared courtyard. The neighboring landscape and countryside are addressed with a spacious green roof atop the new factory building, “Marguerite”, where modern timber production and innovative thinking are in the foreground.

Together, the new buildings form a complex, symbiotic ensemble. By creating differentiated exterior spaces through their positioning, the two buildings frame a space that gives rise to an urban square. Certain zones of the ground floors are slightly set back to articulate the entrances. The central square provides a desirable address and works as both a hub for circulation and as a location for varying activities. At the same time, with their high-traffic entrances and facilities, both buildings enliven this shared space.

Project Partner:
– Enzmann Fischer Architekten, Zurich

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