How Online Life Changes Us
Temporary Exhibition on “Online Life”

Client: Vögele Kultur Zentrum
Location: Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Date: 2015

The scenography for this exhibition attempts to stage the emerging conflict between digital overflow and analog limitations. The exhibition is conceived of as an abstract black and white checkerboard upon which the visitor is allowed to move freely. In order to reflect the endless digital network, there is a clear renunciation of spatial divisions and hierarchies within the exhibition’s themes. As simple extrusions of the grid, partition walls are somewhat arbitrarily placed and serve primarily as a means of presenting the artwork.

But life online is not abstract. The faces of the internet are presented as oversized pixelated QR codes on the partition walls. These different personalities like Steve Jobs, Edward Snowden or Kendall Jenner are emblematic of the diversity of the internet and are simultaneously representative of the human aspect of online life. These recurring QR portraits work together with oversized graphical elements as a central theme running throughout the exhibition. A specially developed app also allows visitors to learn more about these personalities online, and at the end of the exhibition, to generate a pixelated QR portrait of themselves as a souvenir.

Project Partners:
– Vögele Kultur Zentrum, Pfäffikon
– Tanja Schlager & Simone Kobler, Curators, Zurich
– Lars Egert, Graphic Design, Zurich

© Katharina Wernli
© Nau2