Renovation and Roof conversion of a historical residential building

Client: Private
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 2017-2019

The historic apartment building from the early 1920s is part of the ‘Auf dem Bürgli’ complex in Zurich-Enge, in the midst of Rieter Park and Belvoir Park that provide the area with green space. It is characterized by a well-proportioned architecture with modest Jugendstil elements. After a Christmas tree had set the house on fire in 2015, the conception of its layout was reflected and the floor plans finally adapted to a more flexible, contemporary style of living. In a first stage, the lower floors and the façade were gently renovated in order to retain their appeal as family apartments. In 2017, Nau2 was commissioned to rebuild the 2nd floor and the attic into a spacious apartment with a roof top terrace for the landlord’s family.

With little intervention in the existing structure, two interconnected residential units were created. The roof was replaced by a modern wooden construction, the original gable roof cleared the way for a crenellated roof, as it is typical for Zurich and allows the building to blend in the circumjacent roof landscape. Four large lucarnes open up the attic ground plan towards the four cardinal points and simultaneously complete the façade’s fine texture. The renewed wooden attic unveils its construction and offers the residents a modern and sustainable atmosphere. The project has accomplished a clear, symmetrical architecture that promises long-term flexibility and underlines the spirit of the historic 1920s building.

Project Partners:
– Walter Bieler AG, Bonaduz
– VC Engineering AG, Neftenbach
– Wichser Akustik + Bauphysik, Zurich
– HHM, Zurich

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