Mc Connell Hairdressing

Hairdressing & Hair Transplantation Salon

Client: Mc Connell Hairdressing
Location: Grüngasse, Zürich
Date: 2019-2020

Located in the center of Kreis 4, one of Zürich most vibrant districts, Mc Connell’s hairdressing salon at Grüngasse originally shared its space with a vintage furniture store. As the salon was expanding, Nau2 was asked to redesign the entire space and integrate a new hair transplantation area in the rear. The motto “London, Tokyo, Zürich” acted as a guideline, combining the Salon’s British background, Japanese influence and Swiss context. The minimal design emphasizes the loft like character of the original 1960s space, while a few new stylish features adds a contemporary and sustainable touch.

The new floor unifies the different areas and functions – the Lounge, the Salon, the Shampoo Station and the hair transplantation area in the back – into one continuous meandering space. Fine curtains and plant shelves create subtle divisions with different levels of transparency and privacy. The color and material palette favors light tones and natural materials. The warmth of the oak and leather upholstery are balanced with bluish curtains and the reflection of the floor. The pared-down interior and loft-like atmosphere set the ideal stage to showcase Mc Connell Hairdressing’s expertise and creativity.

Project Partner: Unique Works, Lenzburg

Photographs: © Paulo Dutto, Zürich