2015 Graduate Exhibition of the Department of Architecture and the Interior Architecture Program
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
with Prof. Hansjürg Buchmeier, Heike Biechteler und Natalia Wespi

Client: Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts
Location: Kunsthalle Lucerne, Switzerland

Date: 2015

The students’ work is presented by means of ‘projections’, offering the visitor a multilayered view of the different graduation project themes. Outdated and new devices are used to display images, from overhead to digital projectors. Resembling old vacation photos, slide projectors display the location of each project: a transport terminal in Dhaka, a school in Moscow or an optician’s shop in Switzerland. The clicks of the slide carousel echo throughout the space, setting the pace for the various image changes. Modern and vintage means of architectural representation meet here.

Abstract scaffolding creates a spatial installation as a supporting structure for projectors, a frame for images, and through its white finish, a projection surface in itself. The open structure made of square timber forms three islands, where the respective BDA, the MA and the IA graduation works are exhibited. The islands, though separated in plan view, work as one continuous spatial experience within the room. These form a multilayered installation, where images, themes, and backgrounds overlap in ever changing perspectives.

Project Partners / Consultants:
– Prof. Johannes Käferstein, HSLU
– Prof. Thomas Plüss, HSLU