Raiffeisen Fislisbach

Raiffeisen Fislisbach

New Concept for the Redesign of a Bank Interior
Competition, 2nd Prize

Client: Raiffeisen
Location: Fislisbach (AG), Switzerland
Date: 2018

The future of the bank is personal and digital. The Konnex project proposes an open, innovative bank as a meeting place with which the bank and its customers can identify. With the expanded and spacious 24-hour zone, a modern lounge is created in which the cash transactions can be processed by the individual and all information is digitally accessible. The bank’s employees focus on advising and supporting customers.

As much freedom as possible is created, which allows future needs and innovations with a flexible furnishing concept.

The fixed infrastructure such as banking equipment, touchscreens and displays are integrated in the walls in the form of ‘media bands’. They serve as an interface for cash handling and online services. Three such bands are arranged in the 24-hour zone, which merges with the customer zone during the day. The first band informs and welcomes. The second volume represents the cash desk and unites the various cash machines. The third, the “service desk”, offers an expanded range with interactive screens, machines and other digital interfaces (Raiffi 2.0). This band leads into a small lounge, which provides the desired discretion and atmosphere for longer stays. In terms of its connection to the region, local and physical products can be offered physically and digitally, and local businesses, art, developments, specialties and the like can be presented.

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