Raiffeisen Uster

Redesign of a Bank Interior
Competition, 2nd Prize

Client: Raiffeisenbank Zürcher Oberland
Location: Uster, Switzerland
Date: 2017

Focused on advising activities, the client zone is designed as a meeting place. The adjoining rooms are arranged compactly with the fixed furnishungs kept to a minimum in order to create a contiguous space for consultation that is as generous and as flexible as possible. The concept proposes to subdivide the client hall with furniture and lightweight mobile partitions, enabling both the creation of a modern and efficient, optimized and dynamic bank as well as allowing for future changes to the space.

The new design of Raiffeisenbank Uster is intended to exude a bright, friendly, inviting atmosphere. The central motif is inspired by the textile industry, with horizontal and vertical linear elements referencing the theme of weaving. White ceiling slats lend a unique atmosphere to the bank, while the space between them also allows for the subtle integration of lighting, ventilation systems, motion detectors and acoustics. The rear of the conference rooms is devised as a backlit textile wall panel whose design draws its inspiration and color palette from the water landscape around Uster.

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