Rüterwis Day Care Center

Renovation and Extension of the Rüterwis Day Care Center
Competition, 1st Prize ex aequo

Client: Zollikon School Board
Location: Zollikon, Switzerland
Date: 2017

Designed as a compact intervention through the addition of a spatial layer to the courtyard side of the connecting building, this proposal provides a sustainable and functional solution for a Day Care at the Rüterwis School. On the interior, a spacious and flexible foyer is created from which students can access the school’s different wings. A clear and inviting main entrance faces the courtyard, accessed via its own outdoor space and play area while the cantilevered roof also provides a covered outdoor area. A secondary entrance facing Rüterwiesstrasse is also planned for children who are dropped off at the nursery.

The existing structure is to be kept intact where possible, preserving the original character of the building. Existing facades, windows, and roofs will be carefully updated or repaired. Generous glazing ensures visibility between multifunctional spaces and circulation zones. The addition is designed as a “folded” wooden structure, extending the lines of the existing roof with a new wooden post and beam facade and a roof structure with exposed laminated beams. The clear architecture and the distinctive atmosphere come together to create a new, strong identity for the day care facility.

Project Partners:

– Planikum, Zürich
– WaltGalmarini, Zürich

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