Bus Canopy and Station Square in Schwerzenbach,
Open Competition

Client: Municipality of Schwerzenbach
Location: Bahnhofplatz, Schwerzenbach
Date: 2011

With the placement of the new bus station, roof canopy, and lounge area, an elongated plaza is developed. Its openness and clarity provide users with an optimized layout for orientation. The public square is thus revitalized, with major improvements to pedestrian access and safety. The entire square, bus station and plaza create a bright, inviting atmosphere, designed as a continuous surface paved with light-colored asphalt.

An island concept is proposed for the bus services and bus station. The bus bays are arranged on two sides of the covered area, creating a clear arrangement for passengers with direct visual connections and a common waiting and meeting area.

The station’s roof canopy is designed as a composition of various branching elements, which combine to form a single unit. The roof is overlaid with a diamond pattern, forming diamond-shaped apertures in the roof surface to give the waiting area an open, bright and pleasant quality. Some of these openings are glazed with flush-mounted glass panels to provide sufficient weather-protected space. The result is an exciting play of light and shadow, reminiscent of an abstracted tree canopy.

Project Partners:
– WaltGalmarini, Zurich
– MRS Partner, Zurich

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