Star Trek

Star Trek Movie Premiere

Client: Sony Pictures/Chest of Wonders
Location: Sony Center, Berlin, Germany
Date: 2009

The ‚Star Trek’ logo is a graphic icon that has been part of the franchise since its inception as a television series in the 1960’s. The logo’s curved formal language serves as the basis for this red carpet event design.

Three major sculptural elements arranged on different levels mark the procession of the film’s stars. The logo wall serves as the primary backdrop for press photos, followed by the ‚Star Trek’ gate, an extra place for the actors to wave at the crowd. The ‚Star Trek’ Tunnel comes next, connecting the red carpet to the Cinestar movie theatre.

The arrangement of this architectural ensemble within Berlin’s Sony Center allows for a smooth logistical flow and creates a distinctive set design for this premiere event.

Project Partner:
– Optimist Design, LA

© Jan Bitter