A Concept for a High-luxury Slow-traveling Zeppelin Cruiser

Location: Worldwide
Date: 2007

Merging the soothing ride of an ocean cruiser with Richard Branson’s futuristic visions of space travel, the Stratocruiser offers regenerative journeys for the cosmopolitan traveler who might not otherwise have time for a cruise.

Contracted as a study for future travel, the Stratocruiser proposes a partnership with the Supper Club restaurant chain. Along with normal transportation routes, it offers overnight dinner cruises: guests depart for a full day of spa treatments—massages, personal trainers, yoga classes and beauty care are on offer— with travelers sitting down to a healthy gourmet dinner overlooking glaciers, tropical jungles or Mayan ruins.

With its carbon fiber skin, sectional helium chamber design and photovoltaic cells, the Stratocruiser’s construction brings new levels of safety, speed and ecology to travel. Its “doughnut hole” atrium reinvents the zeppelin concept with a sky lounge on top, the earthward-viewing restaurant on the underside and a recreational climbing wall in between.

Project Partner:
– Tino Schaedler (Optimist Design)

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