Transformational 24-hours Fitness Lounge

Client: EAST BANK CLUB the fitness factory GmbH
Location: Berlin, Germany
Date: 2012

A transformational space reflecting varying activities over a 24 hours period in the city, the club lounge offers a fitness chain an urban space for representation and events. During the day the lounge serves up healthy food and beverages while providing a showroom for the brand.  Curious visitors are enticed to participate mini-workouts through a variety of physical and virtual games.

In the evenings, special seminars and training introductions are on offer, while weekend nights bring exclusive parties and DJ sets.  The spatial focus of the lounge is a central amphitheater which can be quickly transformed from stage to dance floor.  A programable LED envelop wraps the room, providing ambient moods, infographics, or energized beats as the atmosphere demands.

Project Partner:
– bewegende bauten, Berlin

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