Porcelain Worlds – Exhibition on Porcelain

Client: Leuchtenburg Foundation
Location: Seitenroda, Thuringia, Germany
Date: 2013-2016

Set in the heart of Thuringia, a region known historically for its porcelain craft, the next phase of the Porcelain Worlds touches upon innovative uses for porcelain, showcasing works from artists, musicians, and fashion designers.

The exhibition is split between daylight areas with a graphic-driven design by Triad, and darker areas, where media-rich content can be employed. These darkened areas play off the exhibition’s title by creating a mirrored labyrinth, where the artists’ use of porcelain is anything but familiar. Here, visitors are regularly forced to reexamine their path, and may stumble upon unexpected discoveries in cabinet-like enclosures associated with each sub-theme.

The showcase of the labyrinth is an area titled “The Whispering Forest.” In this zone, a multimedia experience featuring the music of Tobias Stürmer played on porcelain instruments drifts throughout the space, with the instruments themselves displayed in cases shaped like abstract trees.

Project Partners:
– Anne Meinzenbach, Seitenroda
– Triad, Berlin
– Tamschick Media, Berlin

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