Urbantine Pavilion

Sensual Immersion Pavilion
Competition Finalist

Client: Urbantine Project
Location: London, UK
Date: 2008

As we sift through an ever-increasing tide of information, the future workspace must act as both a well and a lens for creative impulses. No longer a purely technical interface, the workspace must create a sensitive digital environment, interacting with all the senses. Awakening and heightening dormant neurological networks, the future work environment allows for dense communication across many levels, spurring creative collaboration and a proactive reconditioning of the human organism.

Utilizing emerging rapid-prototyping techniques, our installation consists of computer-milled polystyrene modules, strengthened and sealed with a sprayed polyethylene coating. Prefabricated off-site, these lightweight components can be quickly assembled, including integrated media chambers that excite the senses.

Visitors are first intrigued by the installation’s unusual form and corral-like coves. Tentatively circulating around it, viewers gradually succumb to their curiosity, first glancing into one of media cones, then climbing into a niche or finally exploring one of the interior caves. As each cove pulses with modulated colors and light, the senses are teased and provoked: a scent of lavender transitions to shades of jasmine, dark rhythmic sounds change to a garbled underwater soundtrack, or a visitor’s weight tactilely shifts from solid ground on to fluid foam. Forgotten memories are rediscovered or new visions emerge; some viewers are soothed and relaxed while others are provoked. Welcome to ‘Sensual Immersion’, a future working environment.

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