International Competition
with Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Client: City of Wroclaw
Location: Wroclaw, Poland
Date: 2008

Located on the edge of the historical city center of Wroclaw, the new Museum of Contemporary Art acts as a gateway to the park and leisure areas located in the east of the city. The building is conceived as a spatial knot – an intertwined marriage between the continuous “black boxes” of the exhibition volumes and the open spaces for cultural experience and learning.

The exhibition follows an autonomous route through the building, organized in spatial sequences framing and crossing the fluid space of the public functions, such as café, library, conference center, media club or educational facility. At the center of the museum, the event space acts as a spine linking the different functions and opening the museum to its surroundings, to the park and the city. The new museum proposes to create a living space of cultural exchange, enabling encounters, experiences, learning in a physical as well as a digital environment; inventing a cultural space for the art of tomorrow.

Project Partners:
– Holzer Kobler Architekturen, Zurich
– Arup, Berlin

© Stephen Weber