Conference and Dining Table

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 2013-2014

Originally developed as a conference table, the Xyo table combines the conviviality of a round table with the functionality of a rectangular arrangement. The result is an oblong polygonal shape with an unconventional diagonal seating layout, encouraging dialogue between the people around the table. Slender metal legs placed asymmetrically encourage this shifted arrangement while allowing both ends of the tabletop to cantilever above the ground. Perpendicular braces elegantly join with the legs in order to reinforce this airy construction as well as to provide necessary stability to the whole table.

The standard design has been developed for 8 seats, although a larger 10-person conference version can be custom-made. Tabletops are available in solid wood (oak, walnut or cherry) or in a lacquered MDF with a desktop inlay. This finished surface sits atop a steel base that can be powder-coated in any RAL color, allowing for a wide variety of combinations from classical elegance to vibrant pop.

Project Partners:
– Wickli Metallbau, Neuhausen
– Glaeser Wogg, Baden

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