Refurbishment of the ZYC Clubhouse, Zurich
with MML Architekten, Zurich

Client: Zurich Yacht Club
Location: General-Guisan-Quai, Lake Zurich, Zurich
Date: 2010

The Clubhouse of the Zurich Yacht Club is located on a float on Lake Zurich near the Bürkliplatz. With a contemporary, forward-looking solution, the refurbishment aims to modernize the existing atmosphere of the yacht club and to streamline the operational flows for the club’s various events.

In particular, the back-of-house functions on the first floor have been completely reorganized. In order to optimize the service processes, the old bathroom and the kitchen have been merged into one generous space. Three different working areas were created: a food preparation zone, a cleaning area and a separate kitchenette in the corridor. This reorganization allows the club to adapt the capacity and offer according to the event. The two points of access to the clubroom and the kitchen allow for an optimal workflow. Two new offices were created specifically for use during sailing regattas, with spaces arranged for preparations, jury sessions, and other administrative tasks. In the offices and corridor, built-in shelving with skylights offer storage space while simultaneously serving as room partitions and bringing daylight to the corridor.

In the front of the space with the clubroom, the finishes have been updated, while the structure remains unchanged. On the first floor, the windows were refurbished or replaced, and certain areas of the roof and facade were insulated. Additionally, an acoustic panel ceiling was installed to improve the acoustics of the clubroom. In order to improve circulation, a small storage space was converted into a passage to allow access to the vestibule and stair. These alterations allow an unobstructed view from the rear of the building all the way through the clubhouse and out to Lake Zurich.

Project Partner:
– Ernst Basler + Partner AG, Zurich

© Roger Frei, Zurich