Music Studio inside Former Berlin Power Station

Client: Red Bull
Location: Ohlauer Strasse, Berlin, Deutschland
Date: 2015

Located in a former power plant at the Ohlauer Strasse, the Berlin studio is a valuable addition to Red Bulls network of world-class recording studios across the globe. It provides sound recording and mixing facilities for emerging and established musicians. The new volume, which houses a main recording room, two mixing studios, a lounge and kitchenette, is faceted and asymmetrical, working in contrast to the industrial building of the 1920s. In collaboration with Optimist Design, Nau2 designed this unconventional copper-clad studio as a place of exchange and creation for music lovers.

The building shape reflects the musical activities taking place inside the studio. Acoustics had a central role in the design. Though, the visual quality of the architecture as a backdrop for the camera is equally important for today’s music promotion. A generous triangular skylight brings natural light into the main recording room, creating a light and warm atmosphere. As a reference to the old electricity plant, the exterior is wrapped with thin copper bands, conveying a sense of power and energy.

Project Partner: Optimist Design, LA

Photographs: © Jan Bitter