Interactive Lounge for the VZ Finanzportal
Invited Competition, 1st Prize

Client: VermögensZentrum Zürich
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 2012-2013

The VZ Finanzportal of the VermögensZentrum provides customers a new online offering for intelligent, cost-effective financial management in addition to conventional investment advice. The VZ-Desk presents itself as an interactive lounge area and a physical portal for these services. The VermögensZentrum’s logo is spatially interpreted as a multi-functional desk, responding to the varied tasks of the open space: receiving, informing, and advising. The aim is to create, within a compact area, an expressive and highly recognizable architectural element as a physical representation of the brand.

The materiality is characterized by wood, Hi-Macs and digital information systems to create a simultaneously welcoming and innovative atmosphere. The fabrication of the desk required the latest digital technology for both its generation and production. Behind the open lounge space, there are private meeting rooms for personal consultations, treated in warmer tones. While acting as a privacy screen, the graphic pattern subtly reinforces the corporate identity of the VermögensZentrum through typography and color. The combination of general lighting with linear LED bands, task lighting with specifically arranged spotlights, and discrete backlighting of the underside of the desk allows for a variety of lighting scenarios. In the evening, the space is animated by a multimedia projection, which lends a tangible face to the VZ Finanzportal.

Project Partners:
– Glaeser Wogg, Baden
– Hefti Hess Martignoni, Zurich
– AV Ganz, Zurich

Photographs: © Roger Frei