Bure Swimming Pool

House Extension and Swimming Pool

Client: Private
Location: Bure, Jura
Date: 2005-2006

This private indoor pool extension was built as an annex to a converted farmhouse. The extension’s roof is formed a folded surface that fulfills several of the client’s requirements. The roof surface passes underneath one of the house’s balconies, then rises to the south, providing the pool with daylight directly through a triangular opening.

Generous glazing wraps around the corner of the building to grant views to the countryside and the adjacent orchard. Measuring ten meters long by four meters wide, the entire basin and its surrounding surfaces are covered in a glass mosaic to accentuate the color of the water. A service corridor runs around the pool below ground, optimizing technical access to the basin while also minimizing heat loss.

Through its pronounced roof profile, this extension simultaneously acts as an independent volume and as an element integrated into the greater house complex. Large, often creased gable roofs are a typical feature of the country houses of the Jura region – thus, this very contemporary building is seemlessly incorporated into the architectural composition of the village.

Project Partner:
– Buchs & Plumey, Porrentruy

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