Credit Approval
Lalden Primary School, General Assembly

The general assembly of the municipality of Lalden (VS) has unanimously approved the credit for the realization of the primary school complex.


Competition, Finalist
Mixed-Use Development ‘Reach 17’, RB Wohlen

The Nau2 entry for the Reach 17 in Wohlen was selected for the final round.


Iconic Awards 2023 – Innovative Architecture
Award ‘Winner’ for the new building of the EWZ Zurich

Nau2’s competition entry for the EWZ Zurich was awarded 1st prize!



Success at the City Parliament St. Gallen
Pedestrian Bridge St. Gallen

On October 31, the city parliament of St. Gallen approved the credit for the  realization of the pedestrian bridge over Unterer Graben.


Inauguration Party
Mixed-Use Development RB Lägern-Baregg

After 18 months of construction, the RB Lägern-Baregg development has been completed on time. The Raiffeisenbank invites the inhabitants of Wettingen to the opening party on Saturday, September 16.


Opening of the ’Humor’ Exhibition
Vögele Kultur Zentrum
Featuring Scenography by Nau2, the Grand Opening of the new exhibition entitled “Humor” took place at the Vögele Kulture Zentrum in Pfäffikon on May 15th.


Succes in Paris
Neukonzeption Pathé Flon

On March 3rd, the concept for the re-design of the Pathé Flon cinema was approved by the artistic direction of Pathé in Paris.


Ski Day in Andermatt
Team Event

Nau2 spent a wonderful sunny day on the slopes of Andermatt on Februar 2, enjoying the improved sky resort of the Andermatt Swiss Alps.


Competition, 1st Prize
School Complex Lalden

Nau2 wins the competition for a new school complex in Lalden (VS). The official jury announcement and the vernissage of the competition exhibition took place on December 1st.


Iconic Awards 2022 – Innovative Architecture
Award ‘Winner’ for the new building of the primary school Lalden

Nau2’s competition entry for the new primary school in Lalden was awarded with the 1nd Prize. We are very pleased!


Building application
Hotel H4C Andermatt

The GP team Nau2 + Holzer Kobler was able to submit the building application to the municipality of Andermatt on November 15. 


Competition, 2nd Prize
Mixed-use Development RB Hägendorf

The jury highlighted Nau2’s sustainable approach and awarded its competition entry with the 2nd Prize.


Competition, 3rd Prize
Raiffeisen Bank Sierre

Nau2’s contribution to the interior design of Raiffeisen Sierre was awarded 3rd prize. We keep on course.


Final Reviews AS 21
Integrated Digital Tools, AAM

The final reviews of Integrated Digital Tools took place on February 4. Thanks to all the students for the amazing work, as illustrated by the project of Joe Sampey and Friedel Schulz.


Competition, 2nd Prize
Raiffeisen Bank Gebenstorf

Nau2’s competition entry to the new Raiffeisenbank Wasserschloss was awarded 2nd prize.


Competition, 1st Prize
Pedestrian Bridge over the ‘Graben’, St. Gallen

Together with Basler Hoffman and DGJ Landscape, Nau2 wins the competition for a new pedestrian crossing over the ‘Graben’ in St. Gallen. 


Opening Ceremony
Elementary School Susten

The new extension of the school complex in Susten was officially opened on August 27th. Nau2 thanks its partner office Giorla Trautmann for all the good work. 


Competition, 2nd Prize
Raiffeisen Bank Schöftland

Nau2’s competition entry for the interior design of the Raiffeisen Bank Schöftland in the old Löwensaal was awarded 2nd prize. 


Opening ‘Zu Tisch!’ Exhibition
Vögele Kultur Zentrum

The Grand Opening of the temporary exhibition ‘Zu Tisch!’ took place at the Vögele Kulture Zentrum in Pfäffikon on November 11.


Competition, 7th Prize
OIKEN Logitistic Center, Sierre

Nau2’s project was awarded 7th prize.


Roof Extension Katharinenweg, Zürich

After 10 months of construction, the roof extension was successfully completed on May 20. Bravo to all participants!


Opening new Offices
AREA Assets, Hafnerstrasse 24

On March 10, AREA opened its new offices featuring Nau2’s could color and material concept.


Grand Opening

Raiffeisen Neunkirch

The new branch of the RB Schaffhausen in Neunukrich have been officially opened on January 31.


Final Reviews AS 19
Integrated Digital Fabrication, AAM

The final reviews of Integrated Digital Fabrication took place on January 29. The impressive structure below is the work of Fabio Amicarelli, Alessandro Livraghi, Tareq Tamimi and Sebastien Tunesi.


Office VR Experience
Christmas Event

As a Christmas event, Nau2’s team shared a virtual reality experience, completing the mission with time to spare.


Mixed-Use Development RB Lägern-Baregg
Competition, 1st Prize

Associated with Mint, Nau2 wins the invited competition for a mixed-use development including a Raiffeisen branch, retail and housing in Wettingen. Nau2 & Mint are looking forward to develop this innovative, sustainable project.


Pre-Schematic Design
EWZ – Conversion and Renovation BGO

The mutli-dsciplinary design team succesfully completed the pre-schematic phase of this ambitious project at the end of November.


Roof Extension Katharinenweg

The roof structure is standing, the topping-out ceremony took place on November 21. Special thanks to the Jauslin family for the organization of this enjoyable event.


Raiffeisenbank Kelleramt-Albis
Competition, Finalist – Exhibition’s Opening

The jury appreciated Nau2’s bold proposal, although it didn’t suffice to win the competition. Nau2 gratulates Naomi Hajnos and her team for its winning entry.


Planning Application Extra Floor
Elementary School Susten, New Building

The planning application for the additional floor (3rd floor) has been submitted by the canton on Ocotber 15. The municipality’s final decision should follow in December.


Lecture at the SUPSI
Integrated Computational Tools – AAM

Under the title ‘The Computational Process’, Silvan Oesterle and Jean-Lucien Gay gave a joint lecture at the SUPSI in Lugano.


Start of Construction
Elementary School Susten, New Building

The construction of the extension building of the school complex in Susten started with the demolition works at the beginning of July. The masonry works will follow as planned, starting in September.


Final Review “A Prototype for a Transportable Pavilion”
Integrated Computational Tools – AAM

The final critiques of ICT spring semester 2019 took place on June 26 at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio.


Raiffeisenbank Neunkirch
Invited Competition, 1st Prize

Nau2 won the invited competition for the design of the Raiffeisen Neunkirch, a new branch of the Raiffeisen Schaffhausen.


Redesign CSS Agency Network
Presentation for Board of Directors – Green Light

Nau2 & Mint successfully presented their concept for the agencies redesign to the CSS board of directors. The next step will be the planning of a pilot project for the flagship.


‘IDT & IDF’ Exhibition
Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio, AS 18/19

As a result of very successful reviews on February 1st, the work of the master classes ‘Integrated Digital Tools’ and ‘Integrated Digital Fabrication’ are currently on display in the atrium of the Palazzo Canavée


Redesign CSS Agency Network
Design Pitch Success

Together with Mint, Nau2 won the design pitch for the redesign of the CSS agency network.


EFH Extension Thalwil

After 9 months of construction, the building was completed punctually in mid December, just on time to enjoy the holiday season in the new extension


Live Church Service from the Porcelain Chapel
Porcelain Chapel Leuchtenburg, TV coverage

On the occasion of the Day of Prayer and Repentance on November 21, MDR and ARD are covering live the church service from the Porcelain Chapel. Have a look at the coverage here


Opening of the HSLU Annual Exhibition

The opening of the ‚Documentation’ exhibition took place on November 16 at the Kunsthalle in Lucerne. As in years past, Nadine Jerchau co-designed HSLU Lucerne’s annual show in this unique venue. More Information


’Louis Kahn e Venezia’ Exhibition Grand Opening
Integrated Digital Tools, Students Contribution

The students of the class ‘Integrated Digital Tools’ produced under the lead of Jean-Lucien Gay and Francesco Pusterla designed and built an intricate sectional model of the projected conference center from Louis Kahn in Venice. For the opening exhibition in the ‘Teatro dell’Architettura’, the Academia is releasing a limited number of copies of this model (price on demand). More Information.


Thuringer State Prize for Architecture and Urban Planning 2018

Porcelain Chapel Leuchtenburg, Honorable Mention

Out of 34 entries, the Porcelain Chapel was awarded with one of the three honorable mentions for the Thuringer State Prize for Architecture and Urban Planing 2018. More Information


Raiffeisenbank Zug & Leuggern
Invited Competitions, 2nd & 3rd Prize

Two more close calls. Nau2’s competition entries for the Raiffeisen branches in Zug and Leuggern were awarded with the 2nd and 3rd Prizes respectively.


Mixed-use Development RB Münchwilen
Competition, 2nd Prize

The jury highlighted Nau2’s sustainable approach and awarded its innovative competition entry with the 2nd Prize.


Aiforia- Forum for Sustainable Building
Design Pitch Success

Out of three competitors, Nau2’s ideas convinced the board to hire the office for the design of a forum area and a temporary exhibition on the topic of sustainability at the Bauarena in Volketswil.


Raiffeisenbank Fislisbach
Invited Competition, 2nd Prize

Nau2’s competition entry for the new Raiffeisen branch in Fislisbach was awarded with the 2nd Prize. We keep on course.


Architecture Theory Slam Benefit
Nau2 supports the SAM

The Benefit Architecture Theory Slam for the Swiss Architecture Museum took place on January 18 at the Schauraum-b in Basel. Jean-Lucien Gay worked as a honorary barkeeper in support of this fundraising event. Have a look at the best moments


Elementary School Susten
Competition, 1st Prize

Together with Giorla Trautmann Architectes, Nau2 won the competition for the extension of the elementary school complex in Susten (VS).


’Hello Neighbor!’ Exhibition
Grand Opening at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum

Featuring Scenography by Nau2, the Grand Opening of the new exhibition entitled “Hallo Nachbar!” took place at the Vögele Kulture Zentrum in Pfäffikon on November 26. More Info.


Dark Room
Opening of the HSLU Annual Exhibition

The opening of the ‚Dark Room’ exhibition will take place on November 17 at the Kunsthalle in Lucerne. As in years past, Nadine Jerchau co-designed HSLU Lucerne’s annual show in this unique venue. More Info.


Iconic Awards 2018 – Innovative Interior
Award ‘Selection’ for Cinemont and the Xyo Table

The pixelated sun shading system of the Cinemont cinema as well as the Xyo Table have been priced with the ‘Iconic Awards 2018 Innovative Interior – Selection’. The Awards Ceremony will take place in Cologne on January 14.


Eco Capsule
Search for an Investor

Nau2 is looking for an investor to realize this unique concept. Here is a sneak preview of the design.


Raiffeisenbank Birmensdorf
Invited Competition, 2nd Prize

As in Uster, Nau2 ended with the 2nd Prize in the invited competition for the new branch of the Raiffeisen Birmensdorf.


Raiffeisenbank Uster
Invited Competition, 2nd Prize

Nau2 was awarded 2nd Prize in an invited competition for the new client zone of the Raiffeisen Bank Uster. The design for a new cashless bank takes inspiration from Uster’s industrial past as one of the main production site for the textile industry in Switzerland.


Day School Rüterwis, Zollikon
Canceled Competition, 1st Prize ex-aequo

Nau2’s proposal for the renovation and extension of the Rüterwis nursery and day school was honored by the jury as one of the two best projects. However, on August 8, in a highly disappointing turn of events, the municipality of Zollikon unexpectedly canceled the competition after the jury had reached a decision.


Eco Capsule
Design Development Presentation

Nau2, in association with Glumac, engineers for a sustainable future, issued on July 7 its Design Development presentation for the Eco Capsule prototype. The next step, the construction of the prototype, is scheduled for autumn 2017!


Final critiques ‚A Prototype for a Transportable Pavilion’
Integrated Digital Tools II – AAM

The final critiques of IDT II spring semester 2017 took place on June 28 at the Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio.


Alte Landstrasse Thalwil
Construction Permit

The Municipality of Thalwil has granted permission to construct the extension of a family home. Nau2’s dynamic design features large window openings and contemporary finishes. We look forward to sharing further project updates once construction gets underway.


’Praise of the White Gold’
More Press for Leuchtenburg’s Porcelain Chapel

Since its opening in October 2016, the Porcelain Chapel in Leuchtenburg has become a coveted destination. The feedback from the visitors and the press is overwhelmlingly positive.


Building of the Week
Zurich Yacht Club – Marc Guinand

The newly renovated Zurich Yacht Club was recently featured as Building of the Week on swiss-architects.com.


Nau2 Website Launch

Nau2 is very pleased to announce the launch of its new website. Have a look at www.nau2.com and let us know what you think.


IDT 1 Final Critiques
AAM / Autumn Semester 2016

The final critiques of ‘Integrated Digital Tools 1’ took place on January 25. Jean-Lucien Gay and Francesco Pusterla were delighted with the high quality of the students’ contributions.


Eco Capsule
Concept Design Presentation in Beijing

Commissioned by a Chinese client to design a prototype for a sustainable ecological living capsule, Jean-Lucien Gay and Michael J. Brown successfully unveiled their vision to the client on January 13. More to come soon…


Radical Transformation
Unveiling of Chrysler’s New Concept Vehicle

For the launch of a new FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) concept vehicle, Nau2 presented a spectacular design orchestrated by robotic arms for the vehicle’s dramatic unveiling.


Opening of the HSLU Annual Exhibition

The opening of the ‚Inversions’ exhibition took place on November 25th at the Kunsthalle in Lucerne. As in years past, Nadine Jerchau co-designed the HSLU Lucerne’s annual show in this unique venue. Click here for more.


Opening of the AAM Annual Exhibition
Integrated Digital Tools I+II

The best student work from the IDT I+II master courses for the 2015-2016 academic year is now on show. The Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio’s (AAM) annual exhibition opened on November 10. Click here for more.


Designers’ Saturday 2016
Nau2’s Sketches on Show

Invited by Girsberger Furniture to participate in Designers’ Saturday 2016, Nau2 displayed large prints of design process sketches as part of the Customized Furniture Lounge installation in their Bützberg factory.


Re-Opening of the ZYC
Zurich Yacht Club – Marc Guinand

After being safely shipped back from Nuolen, the freshly renovated Zurich Yacht Club stands once again at its original location on General Guisan Quai, right in time for the official re-opening event on October 29.


Inauguration of the Porcelain Church
Porcelain Museum Leuchtenburg – Michael Brown

Designed by Nau2’s Michael Brown, the world’s first porcelain church was inaugurated on October 8. Located within the Porcelain Museum at Leuchtenburg, Germany, the chapel features floor to ceiling porcelain fins that carefully direct views and light within the space.


Restart of the TNT Swiss Post Project
Green Light from Fedex

After a long interruption, Fedex finally gave the green light for the restart of the newly renamed Fedex Swiss Post Logistic Center in Buchs (AG). The planning team led by Nau2 and Enzmann + Fischer will start its work at the beginning of October.



Chemical Landmark 2016 Ceremony at Rämistrasse 74/76
An Exhibition on the History of the Famous Chemistry Building

On September 9, the building at the Rämistrasse 74/76 was granted the “Chemical Landmark 2016” award. In collaboration with Dr. Roland Kunz, Nau2 designed a small exhibition presenting the history of the famous Chemistry building.


’WHO AM I?’ – A Guided Tour with Simone Kobler & Jean-Lucien Gay
HSLU – Excursions through the Swiss Museum Landscape

On September 8, Nau2 organized a guided tour through the current exhibition at the Vögele Kulture Zentrum for the students of the HSLU Lucerne.


Final Presentations of Praktikum+
HSLU – Nadine Jerchau

The final reviews of the summer class Praktikum+ took place at the HSLU on August 8. Nadine Jerchau received a warm round of applause for the new orientation and the successful direction of the course.


Topping Out of the ZYC
Zurich Yacht Club – Marc Guinand

In Nuolen, the heritage building was lifted by two mobile cranes and successfully repositioned on its new concrete floats. The Topping Out of the new clubhouse took place on July 28.


Nau2 Lecture
HSLU – Summer Class Praktikum+

On July 19, Jean-Lucien Gay held a lecture on Nau2’s practice at the HSLU Lucerne. Entitled ‘Nau2 – Architecture, Interior & Scenography’, the lecture took place in the context of the summer class Praktikum+, led by Nadine Jerchau.


Iconic Awards 2016 – Winner in the ‘Architecture’ category
Baths of Géronde

The Baths of Géronde have been crowned Winner of the Iconic Awards 2016 in the ‘Architecture’ category. The Awards Ceremony, along with the launch of the Iconic Awards 2016 Catalogue, will take place in Munich on October 4.


Automotive Show in Sao Paolo
Concept Design for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

On July 1, Nau2 presented a series of visions and conceptual approaches for the Branding of Fiat and Jeep at the Automotive Show in Sao Paolo.


Shipping of the Existing Clubhouse along Lake Zurich
Zurich Yacht Club – Marc Guinand

The shipping of the existing clubhouse to the harbor in Nuolen on Upper Lake Zurich took place on a beautiful sunny day on May 25. The reconstruction works will last the whole summer; the return trip to the club’s permanent home on General Guisan Quai is scheduled for the beginning of October.


Grand Opening at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum
WHO AM I?_An Exhibition on Identity

The grand opening of the exhibition ‘WHO AM I? – What do I know, what should I do, what can I hope for?’ will take place on May 22nd at 11:00 at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum in Pfäffikon SZ. Nau2 developed multilayered scenography for the exhibition, exploring the various facets of the question of identity. This journey of self-discovery ends with a large-scale media installation and a little surprise. Click here for more information.


Installation of the temporary facilities
Zurich Yacht Club – Project Titanic

On April 21, the yacht club’s temporary facilities for summer 2016 were installed along the General Guisan Quai, while preparations for the sailing of the landmark building on Lake Zurich continue at full pace. The building’s journey to a harbor in Nuolen, where its reconstruction will take place, is scheduled for early June.


Groundbreaking Ceremony on the Irchel Campus
UZI5 – 5th Extension Stage / New Building for the Department of Chemistry

The groundbreaking ceremony for the 5th phase of extension to the University of Zurich’s Irchel Campus took place on April 12. For the event, Nau2 was commissioned by the University to create a small exhibition visualizing the history of its Chemistry Institute, from the founding of the University in 1833 to the present day.


Ferrari House – From Automobile to Architecture
A Spatial Lifestyle Concept for Ferrari

Michael Brown provided art direction for a deep exploration of how the storied brand could be translated into a spatial lifestyle concept. This culminated in the Ferrari House, a spec design for expanding Ferrari’s reach into the consumer realm.


Living Roof London
Modular concept for a sustainable rooftop community

Nau2 expanded the ‘Living Roof’ concept to include a family of mass produced units. Retaining its sustainable approach and a rotational multifunctional ring as its key feature, the concept has been rationalized for implementation in a rugged urban context – atop London’s skyline. 


Nomination for the Marketing+Architecture Award 2016
Baths of Géronde

Out of more than 50 submissions, our ‘Baths of Géronde’ project has been nominated for the Marketing+Architecture Award 2016 in the ‘Public Buildings’ category. The gala ceremony will take place on April 22 at the KKL Congress Center in Lucerne.


Nau2 LA
Launching of a Nau2 branch in Los Angeles

The Nau2 LA base is now operational. Michael Brown will lead this new branch, pursuing the interdisciplinary path that he began at the Berlin office, operating across the fields of architecture, scenography and digital environments.

Nau2 LA – Architecture, Exhibitions & Digital Environments
5035 Granada Street
Los Angeles, CA 90042
+1 (213) 378-6177

We look forward to our continued collaboration with you from our new LA base with great enthusiasm.


Guest critique by Jean-Lucien Gay
HSLU final reviews

Invited by Prof. Angelika Juppien, Jean-Lucien Gay was a guest critic for the final reviews of the HLSU School of Architecture in Horw.


Launching of Nau2
Merger of NAU and DGJ Zurich

After five years of intensive collaboration, NAU and Drexler Guinand Jauslin Architects Zurich have decided to join forces and merge the two companies into a singular new entity, Nau2 – Architecture, Exhibitions & Digital Environments. From the 1st of January 2016, we will operate exclusively under the new company name Nau2 GmbH.

This step formalizes a series of evolutions within the company over the past two years and confirms the current de facto structure of the office. Jean-Lucien Gay and Marc Guinand will continue to run the main office in Zurich, Michael Brown will lead the newly created spin-off in Los Angeles, while Nadine Jerchau will continue working as an associate partner in addition to her teaching responsibilities at the HSLU. Following Michael Brown’s move to Los Angeles, the Berlin office is currently being closed, with our German projects being relocated to Zurich and LA.  


i.ch_ how online life changes us
Grand Opening at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum

The grand opening of the exhibition i.ch – how online life changes us took place on November 22nd at the Vögele Kultur Zentrum in Pfäffikon SZ. Despite a very tight schedule, Nau2 was able to develop original scenography questioning the modalities of social interactions in today’s online society. Click here for more information.


Opening of the HSLU Annual Exhibition

The opening of the Projections exhibition took place on November 13th at the Kunsthalle in Lucerne. In collaboration with Hansjürg Buchmeier, Heike Biechteler and Natalia Wespi, Nadine Jerchau designed the HSLU Lucerne’s annual show, presenting the architecture school’s work from the past academic year in the unique Kunsthalle venue. Click here for more information.


AAM Opening
Opening of the AAM Annual Exhibition

The Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio‘s (AAM)….annual MAD exhibition recently opened on November 12. The best student work from the ‘Integrated Digital Tools 1 & 2’ Master-level course are on show, illustrating imaginative techniques to combine computational approaches and digital production technologies.


Opening Event on November 5

On November 5, the new Cinemont cinema in Delémont opened its doors. The interior design is the product of a fruitful collaboration between Nau2 and Meierpartner Architects. Dynamic forms, technical lighting, and classic film character motifs create a contemporary movie theater with an industrial flair.


Silver Medal for the Baths of Géronde

On October 27, Jean-Lucien Gay of Nau2 and Eddy Beney from the City of Sierre were in Cologne to accept a silver medal for the Baths of Géronde, awarded by the International Olympic Committee. Out of 172 entries, the project was recognized for its delicate insertion in the historical context and its sustainable approach. Click here for more information.


Red Bull Studios Berlin
Grand Opening

On October 14, Red Bull opened their new studios in Berlin, the latest addition to their network of world-class recording studios across the globe. Nau2 designed this unconventional copper-clad sound studio in collaboration with Optimist Design. Situated in a former industrial building, it provides optimized sound recording and mixing spaces for emerging and established musicians. Click here for more.


TNT Swisspost
Competition Win

Together with Enzmann Fischer, Nau2 won the invited competition for the new logistic center and headquarters of TNT Swisspost in Buchs (AG). Following a brief revision of the competition scheme, the general planner team has been commissioned to begin with the pre-schematic design.