New conception CSS Agencies

New conception CSS Agencies
Pilot project Flagship St. Gallen

Client: CSS Health Insurance
Location: St. Gallen (Pilot project)
Period: 2019-2020

In collaboration with Mint Architecture

The concept for CSS’s new agencies reflects the multifaceted nature of health and establishes CSS as a modern, innovative health partner across all stages of life. With the completion of the flagship branch in St. Gallen, the joint venture of Nau2 and Mint Architecture is implementing their new operational and design concept for the first time. The informal atmosphere subtly alludes to health issues, as well as showcases CSS’s new role as a host. Along the customer’s path, elements of connected fields such as nutrition, fitness, ergonomics and family are cleverly integrated. These key elements are intended to stimulate interest and promote the values of healthy living.

From welcoming customers at the health bar to their consultation in a private booth, the focus is on proximity. The barrier between staff and customers is reduced to the minimum, with casual exchanges encouraged through various informal seating options. Both short and long-term flexibility are ensured by a multi-zone concept. In the Mixed Zone, a lively atmosphere is created that is both modern and bright. In the evening, this area can be converted into an event space with a few simple steps. The modular furniture and health bar allow for events of up to 50 people. Through the use of digital and physical media, an Omnichannel experience is created for customers. Digital media is cleverly integrated into the new agency, creating a cohesive, modern image for CSS.

Project partners:
– Mint Architecture, Zürich
– Kempter + Partner, St. Gallen
– Mosimann & Partner, Winterthur
– Braune Roth, St. Gallen
– Wishellio Brandschutzplanung, St. Gallen
– Illuma Licht, Illnau
– Desillusion & Co, Zürich
– iart interactive, Basel

Pictures: © Oliver Rust