Double Horizon

Concept for an Inflatable Cinema Venue

Location: Worldwide
Date: 2008

Recalling the bohemian cinemas of the 1920s, Double Horizon combines Kubrick’s futuristic vision with rich décor, allowing the cinema to become once again our departure gate for the synthetic dream worlds of film. With cutting edge technology and deluxe comfort, it creates a new mélange of bar, restaurant and theater. Guests ascend the stair into a beautifully lit sea of lounge beds, where they can enjoy a gourmet meal and a glass of wine. As dinner concludes, lights dim, blinds obscure the panoramic skyline view, and guests gently recline to watch the film projected overhead. When the visitor sits or stands, his view is directed horizontally; yet lying horizontally to watch the film above, he activates a second viewing horizon—the double horizon.

Conceived as a transportable structure, the cinema’s core services are located in a modular podium. The spectacular roof and auditorium are made of a dual-layer pneumatic skin reinforced by a light steel structure. Hosting film premieres and special screenings, the cinema can be erected quickly by crane on urban rooftops or in tranquil natural settings.

Project Partner:
– Tino Schaedler (Optimist Design)

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