Living Roof 2.0

Concept for an Affordable, Sustainable Living Capsule – The Next Iteration of the Living Roof

Location: worldwide
Date: 2015

The overwhelming response to the ‘Living Roof’ idea incited us to expand the concept to include a family of mass-produced units. Maintaining the vision of a compact, self-sustaining capsule, the design has been rationalized to meet a cost target that would be affordable for private clients. The form has been optimized, while retaining the original capsule’s sustainable approach and rotating multifunctional ring as its key features.

The Living Roof 2.0 presents itself as an elegant cylinder made out of micro-embossed stainless steel, glass and photovoltaic cells. Omitting the wind turbines, the energy concept concentrates on flexible solar panels as a source of energy. The interior is more generous while the overall form is more compact with a reduced energy footprint. The new construction is lighter in weight and therefore more convenient for transportation via truck. Atop a roof in the city or standing alone in a pristine natural park, the Living Roof 2.0 combines luxury and ecology for a new way of life.

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