Conversion of a Raiffeisenbank branch
Study commission, 1st prize

Client: Raiffeisenbank Schaffhausen
Location: Neunkirch (SH), Switzerland
Year: 2019-2020

Built into the premises of the former Schweizerbund inn, the new Raiffeisen branch in Neunkirch, is designed to provide a contemporary, flexible environment for a modern bank. It is organised in three main areas. The front spaces at the Grabenstrasse are open and flexible, reflecting a modern, welcoming image. The concept for the consulting rooms in the former inn, on the other hand, relates to the idea of the ‘Stubenbank’; the atmosphere is intimate, conveying proximity and hospitality. The third area in the southern part of the inn is designed as an ‘add-on’; these rooms can be used as an event room or work as a future office extension.

The theme of the wine tradition acts as a common thread, while being applied in a differentiated way to through two main areas of the bank. With the diamond-shaped glass wall, the concrete floor and the wooden ceiling, the customer hall feels bright, warm and open to the public. As a link to the headquarters in Schaffhausen, the concept of the coloured glass shingle wall was adopted and adapted to the local viticulture theme. This backlit construction creates a colourful, visually attractive finish from the street.  In the former inn, the flooring changes to parquet, the material palette is dominated by wood and light mineral surfaces. Raw materials, wooden surfaces, textiles and furniture are nevertheless intended to create a design continuity and leave a uniform impression on the visitor.

Project partners:
– Schmidli Architekten, Rafz
– SV Easy Plan, Schaffhausen
– E+H, Büro für Energie + Haustechnik, Schaffhausen
– Sigg Elektroplanung, Thayngen
– Weber Energie & Bauphysik, Schaffhausen
– ROK, Zürich

Renderings: © Nau2
Pictures: © Roger Frei, Zurich