TNT Swiss Post

Logistic Center and Office Headquarters

Client: TNT Swiss Post
Location: Buchs (AG), Switzerland
Date: 2015-2020

The new Eastern Switzerland Operations Center in Buchs unifies TNT Swiss Post’s requirements for logistics and contemporary workspace under one roof. The positioning of the office building on the northeast corner of the site creates a recognizable sign and gateway to Buchs that is visible from the street, train tracks, and into the landscape. Formally, the Center presents itself as a cross whose north-south oriented volume is cantilevered on both ends, creating a distinctive gesture towards the railway and an inviting forecourt for the building’s entrance. With a continuous color palette and facade, the logistics and office buildings are unified as a coherent architectural composition.

Functionality and robustness are key elements in the development of the floorplan; to achieve this, the logistics hall is designed as a flexible, column-free space. Additionally, the office building’s cross shape allows for the open-plan workspace to be easily divided into four distinct zones, each with generous openings to the exterior. Of equal importance is the quality of public space, achieved through careful arrangement of the exterior facilities and traffic flows. A park on the southern boundary helps unify the nearby housing with the landscape, while also serving as a buffer between the area’s industrial and residential districts. Architecture, functionality, and nature come together to establish a new image for TNT Swiss Post that is iconic, contemporary, and creates a strong connection to the landscape.

Project Partner:
– Enzmann Fischer Architekten, Zurich

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