Virtual Reconstruction
& Digital Production _SS 13

Master Class SS 13 / Antonio Croci – between Ideal and Virtual Representation

– Jean-Lucien Gay
– Dong Joon Lee
– Graziella Zannone
Assistant: Francesco Pusterla
School: Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio
Date: Spring Semester 2013

Envisioned as a bridge between architecture history and advanced CAD techniques, the course uses contemporary digital technologies to document and present the work of the architect Antonio Croci. It focuses on four emblematic projects of A. Croci – two built edifices in Mendrisio (Casa Croci and Villa Argentina) and two unbuilt church projects (Lax and Ernen), which have been reconstructed digitally. The students explored the potential of digital technologies along this process, from the 3d surveying of existing buildings, through the virtual 3d-reconstruction, to the visualization and the digital production of presentation models. In parallel, a series of theoretical inputs presenting the main characteristics of the architecture of A. Croci have been held.

Beyond the academic documentation, the class used digital technologies as a means to present unexpected perspectives on the architectural work of Antonio Croci. In fact, the digitalization of the building information allows to all kind of manipulations. Navigating through the point cloud model or following a choreographed walk through the building, the students experienced with various modes of virtual representation. As a final output, they worked on the digital production of two types of models using laser cutter and 3d printer – a negative 3d print of the interior spaces and a sectional model in form of a 3d-book.

Giovanni Conca*
Giovanni Crozzoletto*
Fausto Fabiano*
Raffaele Ferrandino*
Silvia Giacomazzi
Tamara Guerrazzi*
Riccardo Guglielmi*
Céline Lachelin
Jiwon Nam
Nicola Lorenzo Prandini*
Tilman Schmidt Foehre*
Massimiliano Sesia*
Nicolas Vichard*
Leonardo Vinti*

*student works shown in the selection

© Jean-Lucien Gay