Winterthur Cultural Axis

‘Stadtlicht’ – Lighting Master Plan for the Cultural Axis and City Park

Client: City of Winterthur
Location: Winterthur, Switzerland
Date: 2007-2013

The lighting project for Winterthur’s Cultural Axis carefully examines the existing conditions of the city’s representative cultural institutions. Differentiated lighting scenarios allow each public building to develop its own specific character. Evening promenades along the Stadthausstrasse reveal the cultural buildings as strong, distinctive, solitary monuments. A blue spire situated atop the tower at the end of the Stadthausstrasse extends the visual depth of the axis.

In the adjoining Stadtpark, urban life is intensified as a by-product of the newly developed cultural space. While some events are subtle, others bring dramatic atmospheric changes that either enliven the park at certain times of night or simply let it rest.

– Nachtaktiv / Reto Marty, Zurich

© Reto Marty, Zurich