What can I know, what should I do, what may I hope for?
Temporary Exhibition on Identity  

Client: Vögele Kultur Zentrum
Location: Pfäffikon, Switzerland
Date: 2015-2016

The exhibition is conceived of as an exploration of the various facets of identity. It is designed as a kind of life-size board game in which the visitor must find his own route through a labyrinthine series of rooms. Following a dashed line through the different spatial sections, the visitor must choose a direction at each fork in the path; some are shortcuts, others are dead ends. At the end, the different paths lead through a sort of forest of mirrors and open onto a meditative installation that encourages reflection. Am I who I want to be? Fortune cookies from three different containers give three different answers.

The aesthetics of board games influenced the design of the path, the graphics and the colored walls. Playfulness and interaction have an important role here, with the colorful scenography creating a narrative. At reception, each visitor receives a passport that accompanies him throughout the exhibition. At each station, he can respond to questions and stamp the associated page in his passport. The use of color, routing, light and graphics creates different zones which function as a framework for a substantive discussion. On sensory level, visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves little by little in the complex issue of identity.

Project Partners:
– Vögele Kultur Zentrum, Pfäffikon
– Passaport AG, Curator, Zurich
– Cin Cin, Graphic Design, Zurich

Photographs: © Katharina Wernli