Raiffeisen Engelburg

Interior Design of a Raiffeisen Bank
with ROK, Zurich

Client: Raiffeisenbank Engelburg
Location: Engelburg (SG), Switzerland
Date: 2015-2017

The new customer zone for the Raiffeisen Bank Engelburg was conceived of as a spacious place of encounter. Its openness reflects the concept of a cashless bank; a lounge with consulting services, inviting and customer-oriented. Sweeping wooden-clad walls subtly define the bank’s different zones: the reception and waiting area, employee workspaces, and meeting rooms. A contemporary architectural language structures the floor plan in a sequence of spaces, with increasing discretion towards the rear of the building.

Geographically, Engelburg is situated along an abstract line running between Lake Constance and Mount Säntis. The project references these two landmarks for the design of the interior walls. Through a digitalization process, the silhouettes of both landscapes are milled onto the vertical wooden slats that clad the interior walls. The design skillfully plays with perspectives; the lake and mountain motifs become more or less legible depending on one’s viewpoint. The material palette combines sleek, warm wood tones, modern Corian surfaces, and embedded technologies in order to give the bank a contemporary yet customer-friendly atmosphere.

Project Partner:
– ROK, Zurich

© ROK, Zurich