Multifunctional Bed Design
with Daniel Jauslin (DGJ Landscapes)

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 2004

As surprising as life itself, Simpledoubledeux is the ideal bed for singles or as a spare bed. Simpledoubledeux is a conjunction of the French words for ‘single’, ‘double’, and ‘two’; as its name implies, a simple gesture allows for three different possibilities: a single bed, a double bed, or even two separate beds. A space-saving solution, Simpledoubledeux adapts to your own needs as well as those of your guests. This ingenious concept has been recognized with multiple design awards.

The product was first designed as a prototype for the Pigniu House before being produced in a limited series in Switzerland. The materialization consists of molded beech plywood with a matte finish beech veneer, although other wood veneers are possible. Upon request, the bed can be delivered with a foldable mattress, featuring pure wool quilting and a perforated latex core, with a removable 100% cotton cover available in ecru or black. With its functional zipper, this mattress works for all three different single, double and two bed configurations.

Project Partner:
– DGJ Landscapes, The Hague & Zurich

© Paco Carrascosa (1, 3, 4)
© Ralph Feiner (2)
© DGJ Landscapes (5)