Permanent Exhibition

Client: Canton of Zurich, Public Archives; City of Zurich, Department of Culture
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Date: 2017

Typical Zurich – Time-Lapse
Through its immersive projection “24h Zurich”, Room 1 draws visitors into the exhibition and under its spell. Projections and objects of the present create an immediate connection to the visitor with their familiarity while simultaneously acting as windows in time, telling the history and stories of past centuries. The selection of the objects is to be determined by the main focus of the content as well as by the desire to generate an interesting and visually appealing assortment of objects.

Zurich – Space, Words & Deeds
A model of the Canton of Zurich, which helps illustrate developments such as population growth and traffic, is at the center of the room. The model is supplemented by a group of figures who, with their words and actions, make historical facts palpable and tangible. Suspense arises not only through the mix of living personalities, historical figures and “commoners”, but also through the various themes and the juxtaposition of self-image and public image or internal and external viewpoints.

7x Zurich – Present & Future
Upon entering the room, visitors are invited to comment on a socially relevant issue, which is borrowed from one of the seven thematic areas and extends into the future. This direct activation is intended open up the discussion of seven specific questions and to link the elements of the past, present, and future. These questions are then presented on seven theme islands, with a display case element on each. The display case serves as a visual contrast to the size of the interactive “voting machine” installation and presents objects, images and motifs that are directly related to the particular question.

Project Partners:
– Tamschick Media+Space, Berlin
– CinCin Grafik, Zurich
– HHM Heft Hess Martignoni, Zurich
– matí Lichtgestaltung, Adliswil

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