Interactive Lounge for the VZ Finanzportal

Client: VermögensZentrum Zürich
Location: Bern, Switzerland
Date: 2013-2014

Located at the Kramgasse, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage city center of Bern, VZ Bern’s Finanzportal Lounge welcomes its visitors in a modern interactive environment. The interior concept has been developed as an evolution of the prototype built in Zurich. The multi-functional desk was redesigned to fit into the layout of this former fur store, as well as to provide more of a focus on the workshop activities. In the front, acting as a showcase facing the arcades of Bern’s old town, a café area complements the interactive lounge, creating a welcoming place of encounter for clients and employees.

The prominent spiral stair of the 1970’s interior was retained and refurbished, connecting the ground floor with the meeting rooms and the offices on the first floor. New materials, with wood facing as well as an elegant metal handrail, give the staircase a modern feel and integrate it into the Corporate Identity of the VZ interior. The lighting scheme was adapted, taking into account the relatively low ceilings on the ground floor. As with the prototype in Zurich, the combination of general lighting with linear LED bands, indirect accent lighting with ceiling channels, task lighting with specifically arranged spotlights, and discrete backlighting underneath the desk allows for a variety of illumination scenarios. Materiality, light and media create a contemporary yet casual atmosphere, in line with VZ’s online offering, for an intelligent, cost-effective financial management tool.

Project partners:
– Glaeser Wogg, Baden
– Institut Bau + Energie, Bern
– Hefti Hess Martignoni, Zurich

© Roger Frei