Raiffeisen Münchwilen-Tobel

Raiffeisen Münchwilen-Tobel Mixed-Use

Mixed-use Development with housing, commercial, and office space
Competition, 2nd Prize

Client: Raiffeisen Münchwilen-Tobel
Location: Münchwilen (TG), Switzerland
Date: 2018

Raiffeisen Münchwilen-Tobel is situated in a diverse urban fabric comprised of small-scale residential structures and large-scale historical buildings such as the neighboring textile factory. In this urban setting, the project proposes two succinct structures that fit neatly into the context of the neighboring buildings, while also defining exciting exterior spaces. The buildings are proposed as flexible, convertible typologies that ensure long-term adaptability and re-use. Their  structure is comprised of a hybrid system of wood-reinforced concrete whose structural grid is based on the scale of the neighboring buildings and represents a reference to both commercial and small-scale industrial buildings.

With a slight rotation in plan, an exciting urban plaza is created. The four-storey building on the cross street in which the Raiffeisen Bank is located is oriented on the axis of Frauenfelderstrasse, leaving the main facade of the factory visible. The slightly recessed form of the smaller three-storey building on Eschlikonerstrasse also creates an inviting entrance situation for both buildings. In the northern part of the plot, the volume of the textile factory forms a square an urban quality, which can function as a meeting place for staff, visitors and children of the neighborhood.

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