KD 195

KD 195 Luxury Apartments & Spa at Kurfürstendamm Client: FREO Real Estate Location: Berlin, Germany Date: 2008 KD 195 aims to create a new genre of urban home, blurring the distinction between residential and hotel living – a base camp to explore the city as well as a private refuge in a modern and refined environment.

δ – Shell

δ - SHELL Private Show Garage & Workshop Client: Private Location: Zollikon, Switzerland Date: 2011 Designed as an extension to a neoclassical villa, this hybrid structure melds a sports car enthusiast’s desire to display his vehicles with the practical need to house the cars for everyday use.

Bure Swimming Pool

Bure Swimming Pool House Extension and Swimming Pool Client: Private Location: Bure, Jura Date: 2005-2006 This private indoor pool extension was built as an annex to a converted farmhouse.

Drents Museum

DRENTS MUSEUM International Competition, Finalist with Holzer Kobler Architekturen Client: Province of Drenthe Location: Assen, The Netherlands Date: 2007 In a selective process, the province of Drenthe invited five international architect teams to participate in the competition for the extension of the Drents Museum in Assen.

Apex Palace Resort

APEX PALACE RESORT 5 Star Hotel and Conference Center in Andermatt, Competition with Holzer Kobler Architekturen and Roland Gay Architecte Client: Andermatt Alpine Development Company AG Location: Andermatt, Switzerland Date: 2007-2010 Two prominent wood volumes atop a stone plinth define this hotel as the welcoming icon of Andermatt’s new resort development.

Schwerzenbach Bus Station

SCHWERZENBACH BUS STATION Bus Canopy and Station Square in Schwerzenbach, Open Competition Client: Municipality of Schwerzenbach Location: Bahnhofplatz, Schwerzenbach Date: 2011 With the placement of the new bus station, roof canopy, and lounge area, an elongated plaza is developed.

Crest House

Crest House Single-Family House Client: Private Location: Ormone, Valais Date: 2006 - 2007 Set on a hillside with breathtaking views of the Alps, and surrounded by rows of wine grapes, the Crest House offers a contemporary reinterpretation of the region’s traditional houses.

Eppstein House

Eppstein House Renovation and Extension of a Single-family Home Client: Private Location: Eppstein, Germany Date: 2011-2013 Built in 1977 as a single-family home embedded in the hillside, and characterized by the living style of the 70s, the house no longer suited the requirements of the next generation of the family, who wanted to continue living in their childhood home.

Wroclaw Museum of Contemporary Art

WROCLAW MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART International Competition with Holzer Kobler Architekturen Client: City of Wroclaw Location: Wroclaw, Poland Date: 2008 Located on the edge of the historical city center of Wroclaw, the new Museum of Contemporary Art acts as a gateway to the park and leisure areas located in the east of the city.

Zurich Yacht Club

ZURICH YACHT CLUB Refurbishment of the ZYC Clubhouse, Zurich with MML Architekten, Zurich Client: Zurich Yacht Club Location: General-Guisan-Quai, Lake Zurich, Zurich Date: 2010 The Clubhouse of the Zurich Yacht Club is located on a float on Lake Zurich near the Bürkliplatz.